What does ABBA have to do with Australia? – part 2/5

The journey continued without history. Also this time Singapore Airlines has risen to the challenge, with one small exception in the form of losing our luggage. We were immediately informed that they would provide us with luggage for 12 hours and we received 200 Australian dollars to wipe away the tears. Such losing of luggage you can even like 🙂

Islandia - zrodzona w ogniu i wyrzeźbiona lodem | Travel PP - wyjazdy integracyjne dla pracowników

Born in fire and sculpted with ice! – Iceland

Born in fire and sculpted with ice! Perhaps this is why contemporary Iceland attracts not only geologists who are interested in still active volcanoes, but also travelers from around the world. Wild areas, vast spaces, impenetrable emptiness and clean air attract people who want a close contact with nature. We were also attracted!

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