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How we work?

We do everything that is necessary to organise a successful travel. If you know exactly where you want to go, what you want to see and try, we will go out of our way to make this experience not only a smooth and safe one, but also one you will never forget . If you aren’t sure where to go, but you’ve got appetite for adventure or simply want to rest, we are there to discuss, advise, and select the perfect option for you, and then do everything we can to exceed your wildest expectations.

No matter what your desire or need is, we are your travel companion.

Incentive Travel

only proven places
on 7 continents
we were
and recommend!
CEO TravelPP

We were and recommend!
Only proven places
on 7 continents."

– Team Travel PP

Travel PP Club

We like to listen to travelers and share our unique stories. We also love to meet new fascinating people who have got something interesting to say. Our dream was to create a community in which interesting individuals would have the opportunity to get to know each other, talk, share their experiences, enrich their knowledge and ultimately, inspire one another. And that’s how the TPP’s Travelers Club was born, a place for travelling aficionados, for people who are passionate about discovering the world and eager to inspire others with their passion.

Who are Inspirators? Our Inspirators Become TPP’s Inspirator Join to Travel PP Club

Traveling around the island of Stewart, riding on an old school train through the Taieri Gorge, swimming with wild dolphins in the amazing town of Akaroa, or a visit to Hobbiton, this is memories, about which I will remember my whole life.

Aleksandra Siwecka – Translator
& eesident. She has visited one of the most mysterious places on Earth – Easter Island. A huge fan of Australia and New Zealand

“Even though I have been there a few times already, it is always a huge pleasure to reminisce about those magnificent views that I was able to admire in Kathmandu,Nepal’s capital, as well as at Base Camp on the trail to Mount Everest.”

Ireneusz Szpot – An entrepreneur with a drive for sports and traveling. He has been to over 148 countries on 7 continents. He loves running, triathlons and mountains. He has done all the Seven Summits, and has completed marathons on all 7 continents.

"The Algarve is famous for holiday tourist resorts, but I managed to discover the most beautiful places, the most charming towns and the delicious cuisine - the crème de la crème of this Portuguese region."

Celestyna Król – Freelance photographer

„The world is too huge to stay in one place!
Out of all the many trips I have had, Malaysia is the one that brings warmest memories. The wilderness of its nature stole my heart for good."

Milena Dobrzańska – travel blog author

Team Travel PP

We plan and organise your travel. If you know exactly where you want to go, what you want to see and try,  we will go out of our way to assure it is smooth, safe, and that it is a lifetime experience. No matter what your desire or need is, we are your travel companion.

  • Dariusz Maciejewski - Członek Team Travel PP

    Dariusz Maciejewski
    +48 61 853 44 03

  • Karolina Budzyńska - Członek Team Travel PP

    Karolina Budzyńska
    Incentive Travel Coordinator
    +48 509 480 781

  • Robert Nowak - Członek Team Travel PP

    Robert Nowak
    Incentive Travel Manager
    61 278 54 60

  • Elżbieta Wilkanowska - Członek Team Travel PP

    Elżbieta Wilkanowska
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    +48 888 471 651

  • Katarzyna Łazarowicz - Członek Team Travel PP

    Katarzyna Łazarowicz
    Marketing Manager
    +48 606 444 481

  • Agnieszka Nowak - Członek Team Travel PP

    Agnieszka Nowak
    Sales expert
    +48 61 853 44 03; +48 515 008 258

  • Iwona Kawska - Członek Team Travel PP

    Iwona Kawska
    Sales expert
    +48 61 853 44 03; +48 515 008 258

  • Agnieszka Pawlak - Członek Team Travel PP

    Agnieszka Pawlak
    Sales expert
    +48 61 853 44 03; +48 515 008 258

  • Anna Kuśnierek - Członek Team Travel PP

    Anna Kuśnierek
    Sales expert
    +48 600 600 359

  • Animator's Team - Członek Team Travel PP

    Animator's Team

"Top destinations from 7 continents
- all tested by us."

– Travel PP Crew

Nasze nagrody

out team has been setting the standards of Polish tourism with great passion and pride for over 25 years. We have regularly received and still receive prestigious awards and distinations for the quality of service and sales results. Among other things, this is why our demanding clients and experienced TravelAgents appreciate our expertise and loyalty.

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