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Agnieszka Lisiecka & Jarek Nowakowski / ICELAND

A couple of “Sunday” travelers who, under the author’s blog neverenedingtravel.pl, try to spend every free moment discovering the world. They traveled together most of Europe, they were also in Thailand, but they are in love with no memory in Iceland, which they visited 2 times traveling around the island, living in a car, bathing in wild, hot springs and camping in the deserted parts of the country of fire and ice.
Their trips can also be followed on Instagram: @ neverendingtravel.pl

"The biggest impression on Iceland is doing ... everything! Every lover of nature and secluded areas will be delighted.

It is with great pleasure that we remember the trekking in the rainbow mountains of Landmannalaugar, where the views of multicolored slopes, snow, hardened lava and steaming fumaroles simply overwhelmed with beauty.”

– Agnieszka Lisiecka & Jarek Nowakowski