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Ania Cieślak / VALPARAISO

Episodic digital nomad. Eight months in Chile, four in the US, recently several weeks in Portugal. To work, she needs a laptop and good wifi, so she visits the world, which is still so much to discover. She shares her travel experiences on the blog notravelnofun.com

"Paradise valley on the west coast of Chile.

I always say that the best thing you can do while in Santiago is to take a bus to the ocean’s direction and in one and a half hours to be in Valpo. This is my favorite city in Chile and the most colorful place I’ve ever been. On the one hand, art, mural on the mural, real works, on the other, poverty and falling houses lined up in the hills. Colorful chaos. Backpackers’ mecca. The port city of contrasts with the amazing atmosphere.”

– Ania Cieślak