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Ania Wosk / BALI

Every day I deal with the organization of trainings in the telecommunications industry. In my free time I reproduce Asian flavors in my kitchen and plan my next trips. I love Southeast Asia and Japan. My heart is divided between beautiful Bali and beloved Tokyo. I gladly share my travel advice and photos with the blog: www.wsandalach.pl and Instagram: @wsandalach.pl

"Bali is a place I've dreamed of for a long time. When I landed there, it turned out that the island exceeded my expectations.

Bali is above all omnipresent greenery! I have never seen such lush green rice fields anywhere in the world. It is also eternally smiling people and the best food under the sun! On the spot it is necessary to try sate with nut sauce, our campur or gado gado! Cities, on the other hand, are a mixture of tourist attractions and traditions. It is worth staying a long time in Ubud. That cultural capital of the island that has something in itsalfe! Lots of local artists’ workshops, a market with original handicrafts, a charming pub, a monkey forest, a palace, which is worth visiting at the dance shows and there are hotels for every budget. Being in Ubud, worth to rent a scooter and visit the nearby temples where you can feel the spirit of the island! Because there is nothing better than the Balinese wind in your hair!”

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