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Dorota & Jarek z Szalonych Walizek / SOUTH AFRICA

She is a travel enthusiast, and professionally the owner of Hedene Cosmetic Studio. He is a radio and television journalist, sailor, diver Master PADI and underwater photographer. They were on almost all continents except Australia, the Arctic and the Antarctic. They run a travel blog www.szalonewalizki.pl

"One day we decided to start sharing our passion, experience, travel - including underwater. It was there, at the end of Africa,

in the place Dorothy had dreamed of forever, as well as the sight of the two oceans at Cape Agulhas. There is a blog www.szalonewalizki.pl on which we all welcome. And about South Africa? It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and we often refer every new place to Cape Town, Garden Route or Cape of Good Hope.”

– Dorota & Jarek z Szalonych Walizek



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