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Gosia Jazel / DELFT

Active, full of energy, loving travel and life. Her second passion is the science she uses at work, in the pharmaceutical industry.

"Delft is a charming town of porcelain, faience, master of light by Johannes Vermeer, eternal rest of the members of the royal family, Renaissance beautiful buildings, canals as well as Dutch art, as in the Netherlands ;-)

Located between the Hague and Rotterdam. You can fall in love with him from the first walk. A wonderful market with the town hall, the Oude Kerk church, streets, canals, pubs and restaurants in Old-Dutch-style buildings (nearly 1,000 years of history!).
Wikipedia says that due to the presence of the technical university (one of the three technical universities in the Netherlands) there is a strong over-representation of men of working age in addition to the well-educated.”

– Gosia Jazel