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Kamila Brzozowska ‘Kamomil’ / ALBANIA

Professionally a nurse with a great passion for traveling and discovering the world. She is in love with the Balkan way of life and her heart has been stolen by Albania, which is associated with her further plans. You can follow her actions on the blog www.kamomil.pl

"Each of us during the journey finds the own place on Earth, for me Albania turned out to be such a place.

I could go back there, to these people – incredibly hospitable, to this sun in the cloudless sky, to the amazing, wild nature and to this delicious food. That’s where I feel best.
See for yourself if this place is for you, you will find here mountains and sea, time to relax and intense sightseeing in the amazing circumstances of nature and animals. You can find a rest from everything with a cup of coffee at which all life goes on.”

– Kamila Brzozowska ‘Kamomil’