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Karolina MojaAustralia.com / ICELAND

Pochodzi z Gdańska, mieszka w Australii. Uwielbia odkrywać kangury i resztę świata i opisuje swoje przygody na blogu Moja Australia i świat. Zajmuje się planowaniem podróży po Australii.

"Iceland some time ago became a very popular holiday destination among Poles.

Only a few years ago Icelandic beauty was less available, and now thanks to cheap flights is almost at your fingertips. I have dreamed of the land of fire and ice since 2005. It was then that my friend Icelander told me about the beautiful places in his homeland.

Most wanted to see the glacial lagoon, or the Jökulsárlón lake, which was created as a result of the melting Vatnajökull glacier. The lake is magical – covered with pieces of glacier that constantly move on the water. Ice floes in different shades of blue and white every now and then they hit each other composing amazing sounds. Some of the drifting pieces of the glacier are immaculately clear till they resemble glass.

A bit further is Diamond Beach, a diamond beach. Those diamonds are the pieces of the glacier that have been pushed to the shore of a black beach. The contrast of white ice and black sand gives this place a unique climate. Especially when ice, ‘diamonds’ shine in the rays of the setting sun.”

– Karolina MojaAustralia.com