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Kasia, Jarek & Weronika Zerbe / TENERYFA

A family that only actively spends time and rests. During the holidays, they like to get to know local, not touristy, “trampled” trails. They discover the most interesting places in their own way. Tenerife is their first “Iberian” adventure, but certainly not the last one 🙂

"Tenerife is the largest, best known and the highest of the Canary Islands, very varied landscapes, from mountains to the ocean within our sight.

A lot of attractions, from sleepy and climatic towns, to bloodcurdling rides with mountain serpentines. Of course, the best formula to visit this unique island is to rent a car with a good map, which is tantamount to unlimited freedom and independence. As a base, you should choose the south the island because of the best weather, always the blue sky and full sun.”

– Kasia, Jarek & Weronika Zerbe