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Łukasz i Paulina Łysikowscy / ANGKOR

They keep a travel diary and a guide for those who want to visit their places https://1000stronswiata.wordpress.com/

"Of the many places that inspire admiration and desire to see, there are such that absolutely dominate others and are at the top of the travel dream list.

For us, Angkor was such a place – one of the most outstanding archaeological attractions on the whole land.

The Cambodian complex of temples is the most beautiful place we had the pleasure to see with our own eyes. Ever. Incredible temples, spectacular ruins that allow you to move back hundreds of years, a unique atmosphere and images of people living in these areas forming in our heads. It all adds up to unmanageable experiences.

Angkor took us completely and left behind vivid memories that we love to come back to. Necessarily to keep in mind this place when planning a trip to Southeast Asia. We guarantee that you will be delighted!”

– Łukasz i Paulina Łysikowscy