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Łukasz Trusz / BORDEAUX

Telecommunication and media engineer. He loves to visit places, take pictures, tastes new things and looking for his place on Earth while traveling. Photos and his impressions are shared on the blog www.zPodrozy.pl

"Going to France you have to visit Bordeaux. First of all, the city is known because of wine, so it's perfect place to get to know its history and make a few tastings to stimulate your taste buds in same time.

The city is also a paradise especially for night photographers, because there is the biggest Water Mirror in the world! It was established in 2006 and covers an area of 3450 square meters. You must admit that it is really huge! The mirror’s heart is under the plates that create an amazing reflection of the Place de la Bourse. They are created by a network of sprinklers and drainage channels. At first, water vapor is released, where people like to take climatic pictures, and then a small layer of water is poured out. Ultimately, the whole is discharged to the ground, and on the wet plates an aqueous mirror is created. One of the most beautiful views I saw at night!”

– Łukasz Trusz