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Łukasz Trusz / COLUMBIA

Telecommunication and media engineer. He loves to visit places, take pictures, tastes new things and looking for his place on Earth while traveling. Photos and his impressions are shared on the blog www.zPodrozy.pl

"My life motto is „To travel is to live” (H.Ch.Andersen). Passion for travel I inherited from my father, sucking her with milk from mother. The land that I am most impressed with is Colombia.

Why does it stole my heart? Because it made me feel like I’m free man, for the first time. You can do whatever you want to do there, provided that you do not negatively affect other people. It is beautiful that people there can enjoy small things, and even though they themselves have little, they can give the strangers almost their heart on hand.”

– Łukasz Trusz

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