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Mariusz Stachowiak / ASIA

Photographer, travel enthusiast, co-organizer of Opole Tourist Festival and author of travel blog www.oderwany.com. He loves life and treats it like an extraordinary trip.

"Sometimes I get away from my everyday life and moving into the world that favors travelers. On the way through the unknown, I have three things to navigate

without which I can not find: photographic passion, love of travel and fascination with man. All together they define a complete picture of their own trail, each one individually complementing the other two. As a photographer, I often make my projects on trips that I need as water, and the purpose of these trips is another person I am curious about and who I am passionate about photographing.
Asia is the most popular destination for travel. From traveling to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and India, I will bring the most beautiful portraits of the people I meet.”

– Mariusz Stachowiak