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Marta Muszyńska / ANDALUSIA

Blogger (podrozniczo.pl), a lover of internet marketing and travel. A graduate of Tourism and Recreation and Internet Journalism. In love with Spain, she often visits the islands and dreams about Maldives and Cuba. In his free time, he actively spends his time – cycling or running shoes, and ice skating in the winter.

"Wine, tapas, flamenco, siesta, corrida, paella, oranges and lemons on trees, monuments from the Moorish times and hectares of olive trees - this view of Andalusia will always be in my memory.

This unique and magical region of Spain, everyone should see although one time. Especially in spring, when the trees bloom, the sun does not bother so much, the sky shimmers with shades of blue, and the air smells of spices. ”

– Marta Muszyńska