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Michał & Dawid / HONG KONG

They have been flying around the world together for two years now, and with better or worse result, describe their experiences on the innastrefa.pl blog. In their feveryday life Michał is a photographer, and David works in a chemical corporation.

"The most surprising place we've been in is Chungking Mansions in Hong Kong. The building from the outside looks like the majority in the area, but inside it surprises with a total cultural mix.

A dozen or so floors that contain a maze of staircases and corridors, dozens of hostels, lots of shops, workshops, private apartments, money changers, bars, laundries, Indian tailors and people involved in the trade of not entirely legal things, and cables protruding from the walls, leaking water and a strange smell. All this causes simultaneous feelings of extreme emotions, from fascination to fear. ”

– Michał & Dawid