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Natalia & Łukasz Studentwpodrozy.pl / GEORGE TOWN

Their main life goal is to get to know the world. It sounds loftily grandiose and, in principle, it is not feasible, but … And so they took this uneven fight and in a very broad context. The desire to understand the world and the laws in force contributed to the fact that they became physicists, and the part responsible for getting to know the surrounding reality to the door of people speaking in an unknown language.

"A city located on the island of Penang unusual in its everyday life.

Here you can try the most strange and authentic Malaysian cuisine and meet snakes in the temples. With George Town, a real mecca of ‘food-porn’ has become, but it is not the only advantage. This city is the capital of murals, which are usually sought after a night with a map in their hands. You will find hidden paintings of cats, dogs and genre scenes that take place in this city every day. Penang is a safe place and do not be afraid to look into any bars or small pubs where Malaysians sit, eat and talk. They are extremely friendly people who will always help you. I sincerely recommend getting lost in it for some time!”

– Natalia & Łukasz Studentwpodrozy.pl