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Nora Nijkamp / KIRGISTAN

Her name is Nora, she is a motorcycle adventure rider, travels with my motorcycle overland to different destinations. On her youtube channel (www.youtube.com/c/Nora_adventurism) she shares her stories and adventures and this different way of traveling. She things that riding a motorcycle through a country is by far the best because you are in the environment and you need to interact with the environment and communities.
Follow her: www.instagram.com/adventurism.life ; www.facebook.com/adventurismtv.

"I love exploring places that have yet to be discovered by the crowds and Kyrgyzstan is such a place.

This country you visit for its magnificent mountains, hiking, local culture, horsebackriding and staring at stars. It is the place I saw the Milky Way for the first time, an experience I will never forget.”

– Nora Nijkamp