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Paulina Kawa Zięba / INDIA

Coach of laughter yoga and soft skills. Traveler, author of many articles, the owner of Life Roots. She shares her recipes for a healthy and happy life on the blog: www.liferoots.pl

"Travels around the world are a huge dose of inspiration for me. One of the last countries I visited was India, which surprised me every step of the way.

I visited Laughter Yoga Clubs in the parks, where members of these clubs meet each day at 6:30am to actively start the day. I also fulfilled my dream by visiting Taj Mahal! The whole complex is dazzling, you can feel like in a fairy tale. It is worth planning a longer time to stay in the middle, to be able walk around the park or sit for a moment on the bench, and ponder.”

– Paulina Kawa Zięba