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Piotr Klulczycki / ISTANBUL

Photographer-traveler, the director of the interactive agency Crafton.pl. He has visited almost 100 countries and created a personal images page to document the trips and pictures: www.photler.com

"There are not many cities in the world that I would visit several times in my life. The world is huge and life is too short to keep going to the same places. Therefore, every time I try to choose other far destinations of my travels.

An exception is Istanbul… It is a city vibrant with life, full of amazing monuments, amiable people and tasty cuisine. The biggest attraction of my trip was the Bosphorus cruise. Although other city attractions such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque and Basilica Cistern still impress me.”

– Piotr Kulczycki