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Zosia & Darek Jedzokowie / AUSTRALIA

They got to know during studies from ethnology / cultural anthropology, so the journey from the beginning was inscribed into their relationship. After several years of common trampling around the world, they discovered Australia. They began to come back to her until they finally settled in Sydney. Where do they explore the continent and run the blog Przedeptane.pl, equally devoted to journeys like and animals.

"Australia paralyzes, captivates and charms.

It is an old, alternative reality in which everything is excitingly different – fantastically shaped landscapes, bizarre animals and plants from long-non-existent supercontinents, as well as Aborigines, people who first set foot on the red sand several dozen thousand years ago. We will never get bored with Australia, and one life is definitely not enough to get to know her well.”

– Zosia & Darek Jedzokowie