Exploring cultures

Would you like to take part in Holi, the Indian festival of colours? Or maybe La Tomatina in Spain? How about the Carnival in Rio? Or to explore the ancient ruins of Peru, Malta, or Wales? Or perhaps have tango classes in Argentina? Whatever you choose, we deliver a traveling experience that generates everlasting impressions as you totally immerse yourself in the culture of your preferred destination.

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Active Holidays

Perhaps you are one of those people who just won’t sit still and like to spice life up with action and challenge even on a holiday? Are you dreaming of a true adventure set in remarkable locations? Just picture yourself rafting in pristine waters, admiring the wildlife on a safari, or simply taking a hike along breathtaking mountain trails - if one of these is a definite yes, then our adventure trips are just the thing for you!

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Our trips last 14 days or longer, which allows you to truly explore and embrace the lands you visit, along with their customs, traditions and tastes. On many occasions, you end up discovering places that are off the map, virgin and untamed. In such trips, getting to know remote locations is one thing, the real opportunity lies in reaching and testing the limits within yourself.

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Beach Holidays

Feel the warm sun rays as they gently stroke your face, the soothing sensation of fine sand under your feet, the invigorating shade of palm trees and the dazzling turquoise of the ocean. Enjoy the most enchanting beaches in the world. Allow us to take you to places so beautiful and peaceful that the very memory of them evokes a sense of deep tranquility.

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Fascinating Cities

Passionate about cities? The tiny streets and the grand architecture, renowned museums, private exhibitions, world-famous shops, concerts of both more and less popular performers, cafes serving the best coffee, or restaurants with exquisite menus - we’ve got it all covered. As you get carried away by the charm and spirit of the most exhilarating cities in the world, we will make sure you have enjoyed them to the fullest without getting lost in them - unless that is what you wish to happen, of course.

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Weddings and Honeymoons

When you face the dilemma of choosing between a conventional wedding ceremony with a lavish reception and a memorable trip to a magical place that will serve as a unique setting for your marriage vows, which one are you going to choose? Either way, we will organise your wedding ceremony or your honeymoon in any place in the world, finding the picturesque scenery and taking care of all the necessities and formalities to make your life’s most important moment truly special.

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Around the World

We all have dreamt of a trip around the world at some point in life, haven’t we? Well, entrust us with the organisation and you can make this dream come true sooner and easier than you think. Together, we shall plan the most interesting route, select all the means of transport and fit the trip into your schedule, taking into account all the breaks you may need to take during your trip.

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Whether it’s an all-inclusive cruise on a ship the size of an apartment complex docking at major ports or a more private voyage on a yacht with a group of friends in search of cosy, less frequented beaches, Travel PP is there for you to help you admire the world - always from a different perspective.

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Sports Events

See the best football players score their goals live! Feel the grand emotions at world’s largest stadiums. Follow the greatest athletes and players in their pursuit of glory while visiting the city or the country where the tournament is being held. Together, we will find the best way for you to realise your passion for sport.

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World’s Cuisines

Here’s an offer for true gourmets, those who won’t rest until they have tasted the best Pad Thai, tried the original sushi, a real American hamburger or genuine Italian pizza. Fellow foodies, this trip type was designed to satisfy the most refined palates. We will take you to the most sophisticated restaurants and best street food markets, wineries where you’ll be able to taste wine straight from the barrel, breweries, cafes, pubs … wherever the taste buds will take us.

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